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Merry Holidays and a happy new year!

Dearest Customers,

We will be closed from December 22nd until the end of the year.
Back on January 4th we will be there for your Porsche Service needs.

In urgent cases you can send us an E-Mail via the contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Our regular page visitors might have noticed, that we have extended our opening hours from Monday to Friday from 8 AM until 7 PM. With this we make it more convenient for you, our customers, to drop off and pick up your Porsche before or after your work day.

We will be glad to welcome you at The Stable again in 2016!

Your The Stable Team!

It’s getting cold out there!

  • December 3, 2015
  • The Stable News

This picture was of course not taken in California – but nonetheless, rain season and El Niño are coming in and what better option to protect your beloved Porsche from the elements, than with a storage spot at The Stable?

We take care of your Porsche during the Winter Season or even longer if you want to.
Monthly Storage fee starts at $300 USD and includes charging the battery, fuel stabilizer and of course a thorough clean when you pick up your car in the spring.

Call us for availability! (415) 776-2707

But if you want to keep driving your Porsche, it could probably use a little attention as the temperature is falling.

Is the heating and defrost system in your air-cooled 911 or 356 operating at full efficiency? Not if the ducting has developed holes, the heater valves are stuck or not opening fully, or one of your blowers has quit. We can have a look and make sure you are getting all the heat you can out of that system.

Is your engine cranking slower than usual? When the temperature drops, so does the power output of your battery. A simple load test in the shop checks battery condition, and will let you know if you have anything to worry about.

This is the time to check tread depth and replace worn tires. You need that tread to pump water out of the way and keep the rubber on the road. Even if the tread looks good, old tires can be a liability. The rubber hardens over the years and loses it’s stick. Braking systems also become critical in wet driving conditions. Old calipers often don’t brake each wheel evenly, causing the car to pull to one side, or lock a wheel unexpectedly in the wet. Our rebuilt calipers for 1989 and older Porsches are re-plated and have all new hardware and seals to look and function like new.

You probably haven’t used your wipers or windshield washers since last winter. If you are having trouble seeing in the rain, we can install the same Bosch wiper blades that your Porsche came with.

The winter humidity can find it’s way into your car’s fluids, causing problems in the long-term. Brake fluid readily absorbs moisture from the air, causing corrosion, which leads to expensive problems down the road. Fluid should be changed every two years to flush out water and prevent corrosion. Similarly, condensation collects inside engine cases and oil tanks in this weather and ends up absorbed by the oil and turning to paste which can’t be pumped around your engine. An oil and filter change may be in order, especially if the car does mostly short trips.

We’ll make your Porsche winter ready, so your driving pleasure doesn’t stop when the rain starts.

Your The Stable Team

Call for an Appointment: (415) 776-2707

Closed for Thanksgiving

Dear Customers,


we will be closed from November 25th until Friday November 27th for Thanksgiving.

We will be back on the following Monday November the 30th.

Thank you for your understanding and happy Thanksgiving!

The Stable on German TV

  • May 22, 2014
  • The Stable News

Recently The Stable hosted a German TV crew filming for SKY HD‘s Motorvision  automotive program. Motorvision is hosted by Marco Wendlandt, the editor of the popular classic car magazine “Träume Wagen“. Marco and his crew filmed us at the shop performing a pre-purchase inspection for him on a 3.2 Carrera, then a test-drive across town for a […]


The Stable




Long Term Storage

What better place than with Porsche Specialists to store your beloved Porsche?
Our monthly Storage fee start at a low $300 USD per month. From monthly to all year round, we will take care of your car.
And when you want to drive it, we make sure that the battery is fully charged and your Porsche is cleaned.



The Stable



The Stable was founded by Alan Klingen in 1975. He was trained by two specialists sent from the Porsche factory to support the growing number of Northern California Porsche owners.  The original building was actually a former horse stable on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, so naming the business was easy.

His passion for air-cooled Porsches made The Stable the go-to shop for all things 356 or 911.
Alan participated in supporting many restoration and racing projects over the years and the shop’s reputation grew Beyond the Bay Area.


It was time to find more space, and The Stable moved to it’s current location in the heart of San Francisco. With 14,000 square feet to fill with Porsches at the corner of Pine and Franklin Streets, there was room to grow.


This was another critical year for San Francisco’s oldest Porsche service shop.  After 28 years, Alan decided to finally put down his wrenches and enjoy a well-earned retirement, staying on as a technical adviser for the shop.
Engineer Brian Kirkis took over the operation and plan to provide the same excellent service for air-cooled cars that the Stable has been known for, while expanding parts and service offerings to the more recent models from Stuttgart.


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